Sunday, 26 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 17

Do you think there could possibly be any rain left in the sky over the UK? No, me neither but down it comes.  Oh what a grey day!

Over on Instagram I was recently "tagged" to show "what's in my kit".  I chose to reveal my crochet kit.

I bought the crochet roll from Etsy but it isn't quite right, the top bit doesn't come down far enough over the top of the hooks so they slide out, I need to do something about that! My favourite and most comfortable hooks are the Clover ones, I use the 4 mm one the most (it was a 'perfect' gift from a friend not long after I started crocheting). I keep my smallest needlecase with my crochet items, I cross-stitched it from a free magazine kit. There is an owl for checking your hook/needle size.  A strawberry pincushion, sandfilled to keep pins and needles sharp.. A favourite pin tin (I have a few!). A new tape measure and my stork scissors.

Perhaps you would like to share on your blog "what is in your kit" too?

Despite the dreadful weather the birds are still turning up for their food.  I thought our Goldfinches had deserted us, we were down to just "Solo Joe", as I called him, but he must have been chatting to friends and told them about this great eatery and now we are getting up to six at a time.

They make such a mess though, I think they eat a third of the Niger seeds and drop two thirds! Good job we love them.

Yesterday I said I was off to do some more sewing so what did I make? A bunny.

Well I've half made one.  Used an old felted jumper and it is working out quite well.  If you would like the pattern then visit the lovely Sarah Moore's website . You can find the instructions on her blog together with the template. As Sarah pointed out to me "don't forget to sew down the side of the body or it will end up looking like a boxer!".

The "Great Interior Design Challenge" continues this week so we will get to see more of Sarah's design work.

I don't believe it................. the sun is coming out!

Carol xx


Jess said...

I've been watching the Great Interior Design Challenge thanks to you.:)The winners have each been my favourites.
I wouldn't want to share my own kit on my blog! My crochet hook roll I made when I was a teenager and it is tatty in the extreme but I tend to only ever use the 4mm anyway so most of the time it remains rolled up in my sewing basket. I like the idea of a sand filled pin cushion to keep the pins sharp, what a great idea!
Jess xx

Terra said...

I like your pretty kit and also the pretty birds. We keep our 4 feeders full and the birds appreciate it.

Betsy said...

I like your kit. I made a roll to hold my double pointed knitting needles, maybe I should show that sometime.

Indigo Blue said...

Cute little kit. I remember that cross stitch needle case kit. I also made it, some time ago now I think. I still have it somewhere.. Blast from the past. I have neatly finished a project and I tend to have a favourite purple hook. Hopefully of you pull the kit flap over a bit more and iron it, it may solve the problem of the hooks sliding .
Have a good bank holiday.