Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 20

One thing that has been in constant in my life is music.

I was brought up in a home where there was always music whether from singing round the piano or from the 78's spinning on the “Radiogram” turntable. My parents were never “stick-in-the-muds” as far as music was concerned, they embraced new music and soon, alongside Mario Lanza and David Whitfield, could be heard Elvis and Roy Orbison.

I still have most of my parents 78's and also my 45's and LP's.

I have been lucky enough to attend many live shows - The Beatles, The Stones, Joan Baez, Billy Fury and many more stars of the 60's. As I have mentioned before I later I became a big fan of Runrig and saw them several times.  

Sadly, for me, they are not the same since Donnie left. I went to the farewell concerts at Stirling Castle.

My latest live "gig" was last month to see the wonderful Andre Rieu and his orchestra. 

(If the above links aren't showing just search You Tube for - Runrig Donnie Munro Every River Stirling Castle or Runrig Transmitting Live and also Andre Rieu for lots of options)

After the Andre Rieu concert the night was finished off with a trip to a local pub to see a live rock band! That is my musical taste - I love music.

Carol xx

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Betsy said...

I love music too! Music of all types. In fact the only two types of "music" I don't care for is heavy metal and rap. It doesn't seem like real music to me and many times the lyrics are quite violent. But, for the most part any music that's playing is good for my soul.