Thursday, 23 January 2014

Looking for the Good Things Day 15

Today I went shopping with my sister to the local Outlet shopping centre.

It was very cold, good job we could scurry from shop to shop. I think it was the cold that got me thinking of warm summer days  and led me to buy this new bedding

This isn't my bedroom - just the packaging! 

Definitely not my usual style but I just love it and a 70% discount was certainly attractive. My sister found one from the same range with a rainbow, more muted than mine but she has some lovely wallpaper and didn't want to detract from that. 

A successful day and, as sis still works full time, nice to have a day out together.

Carol xx


Betsy said...

Ooh!!! That looks so happy and tropical. Just the thing for these cold winter days. Good job.

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely and bright, for cold winter days
Julie xxxxxxxx

Terra said...

Your new comforter will bring smiles and light to your bedroom.