Friday, 7 February 2014

A glorious day in Yorkshire

Beautiful day today.

Just look at the beautiful blue sky. The Eucalyptus is shedding but I understand you shouldn't pull the bark so I am leaving it to drop.

Hellebores are enjoying the warmth.

Just hope the snowdrops don't go over too quickly. 

I read about this magazine a few days ago a so I made sure I found a copy. Only released today and I didn't see many copies.

There are some interesting articles.

Some exercises

and plenty of adverts.  I think there will be 9 issues and I shall certainly be looking out for them.

Did you watch the final of the Great Interior Design Challenge? Thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite, Sarah Moore, was the well deserved winner. Hope they do more series.

One rather large rabbit enjoying sun and grass.

Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.

Carol xx


Betsy said...

Snow is flying like crazy here the past several day so I really enjoyed your pictures. It gives hope of spring!

Used-to-Bees said...

Lovely photos! Hellebores are one of my favourites, and there's nothing like a good show of snowdrops. Wish you more sunshine for the weekend, though not sure that's very likely.

Anne said...

Love your photos.Looks very sunny where you are Carole, but here it has been cloudy and interspersed with heavy showers. I noticed we have the same hellebore!

Indigo Blue said...

Good to see the sun. That sure is one large rabbit!

Jen said...

That magazine looks really interesting! What an amazing glimpse into the past - complete with bingo wings!! We've had a bit of blue sky to enjoy here too... and I'm enjoying my hellabore also.

Thanks for brightening my day with your beautiful pictures!

zelna olivier said...

Lovely pictures. That magazine looks like a fascinating read! I wonder if it will ever land on our shelves here in South Africa?

Roberta Mendes said...

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