Sunday, 13 July 2014


I'm sure everyone has seen the beautiful Mandala designs and, as I have, been tempted to make some.

A particular favourite is the Starflower Mandala by Zelna Olivier.

It doesn't look very big here but it really is substantial and has made a lovely mat for a bedside table.

Another favourite was designed by Wink (the pattern was in Simply Crochet Issue7).

One of the most prolific Mandala pattern designers is Camilla who designed this beauty.

You can find her lovely designs on her blog

Be warned Mandalas are addictive and if you want to see more and join in a Mandalong then pop over to see the lovely Hannapat

At the moment I am in one of my favourite places, Pickering, North Yorkshire. I am cat and house-sitting for friends. It is rather lovely to have furry cuddles as we had to have our Rosie put to sleep earlier in the year. We've missed her so very much.

Dearest Rosie, see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Have you heard of Yorkshire Lavender? No, it isn't a type of Lavender but a place not far from Pickering. I love how there are notices saying "please touch the plants"!  Some good advice too

Aren't I clever? Look at that collage! No, the only clever thing I did was to download an app called Instacollage2. Here's another using the same app

The wonderful Yorkshire Wolds. The other day we went to an Exhibition at the studio of wildlife artist, Robert E. Fuller. A man I greatly admire because, not only is he a wonderful painter and photographer but a wildlife conservationist. He is making a real difference to protecting and helping, in particular, the owls around where he lives.

One of my companions for the day, beautiful Freya.

I'll try not to have such a long break in transmission next time.

Carol xx


Amy at love made my home said...

Hello Carol, I am new to your blog, so I haven't noticed that you have been a while between posts! I love your mandalas and had a bit of a thing for making them recently too!! I look forward to reading more from you in the future. xx

Hannah The Knit said...

Beautiful mandalas, Carol!